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Dr. Jodie A. Dashore, OTD, MS (Neurology), BCIP, HHP, SIC, CCM is an internationally recognized pioneering physician in the world of what Dr. Jodie A. Dashore refers to as “Complex Autism”(TM) and Biotoxin Illness and Chronic inflammatory Response Syndrome.

She was mentored by world renowned physicians, Charles Ray Jones, Dietrich Klinghardt, Joseph Jemsek, Jeff Bradstreet, Amy Yasko, Thomas Rau, Stephen Buhner, Ritchie Shoemaker, Sergei Dorochov and The Paracelsus Institute.

Dr. Jodie A. Dashore is internationally known for following natural protocols to treat the root cause of chronic illness instead of suppressing symptoms with medications.

Dr. Jodie A. Dashore with her mentor Dr. Klinghardt


March 2018

Lyme Disease Association UK
London, UK

March 6, 2018
11 am - 5 pm

A talk with Dr. Jodie A. Dashore, an overview of her work, a muscle testing demonstration and a Q&A session on natural alternatives for treating tick-borne diseases.

Autism UK & Project Aspie
Birmingham, UK

March 7, 2018

One day women's empowerment, natural health and plant-based medicine workshop dedicated to the inspirational work of Dr. Jodie A. Dashore with women of all ages diagnosed on the spectrum.

Sponsored by University of Birmingham

Healing Lyme and its Coinfections
London, UK

Two-Day Lyme and Coinfections Workshop with Clinical Herbalist Julie McIntyre of The Foundation for Gaian Studies

March 9 - March 10, 2018

Focus will be on: Buhner Lyme and coinfection protocols, diagnostic strategies, latest in laboratory testing, research and treatment of Lyme disease, coinfections and co factors, Autism Spectrum Disorders, autoimmune disease and chronic illness.

April 2018

International Mold and Biotoxin Illness Conference
Washington, D.C.


National Ayurvedic Medical Association Conference
Plano, TX

"Autism: Recovering Neuromodulation and Immune Regulation with Herbal and Ayurvedic protocols , A Paradigm Shift"
April 20 - April 22, 2018

May 2018

AutismOne International 2018
Chicago, USA

May 23 - May 27, 2018

Dr. Jodie A. Dashore at Art of Living Retreat Center, 2017

June 2018

The Heart and Science of Conscious Fitness after Chronic Mold, Lyme and Chronic Illness
Boone, North Carolina

Dr. Jodie A. Dashore & Dr. Scott McMahon

June 15 - June 17, 2018

Chronic conditions like Mold/Biotoxin Illness and Lyme Disease often cause deep damage to the internal organs and tissues. Most patients are uncertain they will ever recover their previous fitness. The human body is designed for movement and for self-healing given the right tools. Unlock the power of vulnerability. Get educated to make informed decisions about a safe, healing and fulfilling workout regimen.

So, “Come out and play”! Let us help you unplug, unwind and understand. Get started on your path to Wholeness and Homeostasis with a like-minded community. Learn from your favorite practitioners about the multi system effects of Chronic Lyme and Mold biotoxin illness and how to counteract, repair, rejuvenate, survive and thrive the biggest ordeal you’ve had to live through.

Come and join us at the amazing facilities and sacred grounds of The Art of Living Retreat Center, in Boone, NC. Let us help you reignite your vital force and get back to being productive, fit, happy and healthy!

  • Be an empowered patient and unlock the power of vulnerability
  • Feel nurtured and confident with world class faculty that will personally walk you through the process of owning your body and freeing your mind.
  • Rediscover your strengths and live a more fulfilled life.
  • Learn about safe, conscious, discriminating and profound choices to fitness.
  • You will learn easy to understand protocols that work synergistically with your mind, body and spirit to reduce inflammation, encourage mobility, expand lung capacity, strengthen heart health and augment circulation.
  • Enhance your wellness, elevate your spirit, experience joy and get powerful insights to success regardless of how challenging your circumstances are.
  • This workshop will help you with practical takeaway tools and strategies that encourage meaningful change for deeply authentic lifestyle changes.

August 2018

The Full Spectrum Herbal Workshop

Boone, North Carolina

Dr. Jodie A. Dashore

August 2 - August 5, 2018

Children’s bodies are particularly sensitive and respond quickly to the healing properties of herbs which tend to be much gentler than pharmaceutical alternatives.

Join us to learn about herbs that are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, soothe and calm, reduce inflammation, support growth and development, neural and immune systems, gut and detoxification adaptogenic herbs, and nervine plants that support and nourish us through the year.

  • “Plant intelligence” based on the work of Stephen Harrod Buhner
  • Homotoxicology for common childhood conditions
  • Dosage information and contraindications for use
  • Traditional use, origin, and harvesting practices
  • Native American medicinals to modern clinical herbalism
  • Herbs in-depth: tastings, including Buhner herbs
  • Nature walk to identify and harvest antibacterial and antiviral herbs
  • Knowledge, tools and confidence to use 12+highly beneficial herbs
  • Herbal tea making, hands-on experience, at-home recipes

September 2018

Spiritual Herbalism. Herbal Immersion and Transformational Intensive workshop. Conscious living, Antimicrobial, anti aging, Detoxification, Environment, Wellbeing , Abundance, Relationships, Connection, Joy, peace
September 23 - September 25, 2018

Dr. Jodie A. Dashore

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Medical-Clinical Research and Reviews Journal

The Nessa Journal of Neurology and Neuro Disorders

The Journal of Child and Adolescent Behaviour

Scientific Editorial Board

Mental Health in Family Medicine Journal

Scientific Federation Journal of Autism

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Select Past Programs

Complex Autism
Consultations & Meetings
Bangalore & Mumbai, India 2018

Art of Living Ashram​
Meetings with the spiritual leader Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Ayurvedic Hospital ​
Meeting with Medical Board

​Holistic Medicine Conference
BRMI - Bioregulatory Medicine Institute
Louisville, KY, 2017

21st World Congress on Nursing Pharmacology and Nursing Education
Melbourne, Australia, 2017

Lyme Disease UK
United Kingdom, 2017

Lyme Disease and Autism Spectrum Disorders: Holistic Approach and Complementary Therapy 
Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
Lithuania, 2017

2nd World Congress on Midwifery and Women’s Health
Philadelphia, 2017

Colorado, 2017

Autism International Seminar
Los Angeles, 2017

Rowe Institute - Lyme Disease
Boston, 2016

The Art of Living Retreat Center - Lyme Disease
North Carolina, 2017

Chicago, 2016

2nd Annual Conference on Autism
Phoenix, 2016

International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS)
Boston, 2012