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Lyme Disease & Autism

Being told you or a family member have late stage chronic disease including Lyme Disease or Autism can be overwhelming. I can relate at a personal level since my son has been through spectrum issues along with Lyme disease and 11 coinfections – all late stage - further complicated with methylation issues and biotoxin illness. He is fully recovered and in a premed high school program but it was a long and arduous journey.

Finding the right clinician can be daunting, and patients will often feel helpless and afraid in this process. On the other hand, patients who have undergone successful transition and recovery with Natural and Holistic medicine are often the most grateful of all patients. Sometimes hearing this from other families helps. So many of my patients have expressed their thoughts below in order to help those going through this process. I feel a great privilege to be the recipient of my patients’ trust, and am honored to be a part of their recoveries.

Dr. Jodie A. Dashore , New Jersey, USA

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Lyme and Mold

I have been taking my son to Dr. Dashore for about two years. It’s definitely a process, but our son has made tremendous gains.

She offers a unique approach and plan to each patient. If she feels you need more than holistic meds she will tell you. I’d recommend her highly.

Tina ... New Jersey


Jason has been doing very well with speech! Alan and I can’t thank you enough. We are so grateful for everything you are doing to help Jason. We look forward to all our appointments and I can’t wait for you to see how well Jason is doing.

Lauren ... Washington DC

Lyme and Mold

The right doctor is KEY to healing and compliance with mold avoidance/diet/lifestyle is as well. I had seen at least a dozen doctors and specialists. My TGFb-1 is in normal range again as of December 2015. I am back to work part time and am functioning in society.

Nancy ... Pennsylvania

Lyme and Mold

I was having difficulties walking, joint pain, fatigue, brain fog – at times I would be driving somewhere and all of a sudden I would not know where I was.

I am now functioning pretty well, my health is coming back.

She is amazing and I truly believe she can help you.

Darla ... Vermont

Lyme and Mold

I have been seeing Dr. Jodie Dashore for a year and a half now. I was having difficulties walking, joint pain, fatigue, brain fog. Thankfully all those are now things of the past.

I have met people at her office that drive 3, 5 and 7 hours driving to see her.

She is the Best of the Best.

Dana ... Indiana

Lyme and Mold

Dr. Dashore is the best of both worlds - pairing her scientific knowledge with holistic remedies.

People come from all over the country as well as from overseas to see her. She accommodates her patients based on their physical restraints by providing phone and Skype consultations as well.

Melissa ... New York



I heard about Dr. Dashore from my friend in Nairobi. She was able to cure his son of autism. My son Saad was diagnosed with Autism and we started Skype appointments with Dr. Dashore 7 months ago when he was 8 years old. She has been using natural therapy, herbals, homeopathy and supplements for him. He has really improved a lot. His hyperactivity is calmed down, he is sleeping well, is getting strong, is growing now, eating better, not constipated at all, making good eye contact. We have more progress to achieve but his mother and I are very happy with this tremendous progress no other doctor was able to achieve. We have seen many doctors with poor results until we saw Dr. Dashore. We can’t thank her enough for her tireless efforts for Saad. Thank you, Dr. Dashore.

Amal , Saudi Arabia

Brain Inflammation

Rishabh is being seen by Dr. Dashore for 8 months now via Skype. We have received life changing invaluable help from Dr. Dashore. The labs she ran were rare and completely unknown to the doctors here. We found so many underlying infections and brain inflammation for Rishabh. She has treated with only natural plant based medicines, all very high quality from Europe and Rishabh is making wonderful progress. He is making great eye contact, playing with his elder sister, his sleep, appetite, aggressive behaviour, and school performance has all improved. We are getting good reports from his teachers in school also.

Subroto , Kolkata, India


Jason has been doing very well with speech! He now repeats mostly everything you say and follows directions very well. He is starting to form sentences. His bowel movements have been normal after two years!

Alan and I can’t thank you enough; We never thought a Strep infection was the reason for his behavior issues. We are so grateful for everything you are doing to help Jason.

We look forward to all our appointments and I can’t wait for you to see how well Jason is doing.

Lauren , Washington DC

Lyme and PANDAS

Dr. Jodie Dashore is worth her weight In gold. I wish I found her years ago when my son had Lyme and PANDAS twice and I too was misdiagnosed. Highly recommend her over all the others. She's in a class of her own. Her family has all had Lyme, her too. She knows what it's like and is an intuitive genius. A true healer. She used herbs and homeopathic for all 3 of us. I adore her.

Nicole , Poconos, PA

Lyme and Mold

I have been seeing Dr. Jodie Dashore in Marlboro, New Jersey for 1 and 1/2 year now for Lyme and mold and it’s complications. When she first saw me I was in real bad shape.

I was having difficulties walking, joint pain, fatigue, brain fog, sleeping most of the day and at night as well. I would wake up in the morning thinking when could I go back to bed. My doctor just kept adding meds on me. Nothing was working. And then I discovered Dr. Dashore through a Lyme group when she was a guest speaker.

She impressed me with her knowledge, kindness and the desire to help and inform people about Lyme and mold. She is very humble, very spiritual and she spends time with you. There is no rush. I saw her for the first time in November 2014, by February I was no longer sleeping during the day, but was going to bed by 7:30 – 8 pm most nights.

I am now functioning pretty well, my health is coming back and I no longer need to be in bed as much. She got me out of the hole that I was heading to. She is amazing and I truly believe she can help you.

Darla , Vermont

Lyme and Mold Detox

What can I say about Dr. Dashore- She's brilliant! She just spent personal time with Stephen Buhner at his home. Also spoke with his partner recently. She was a medical doc in the India and UK and now here works as a genius Naturopath. She is working with my whole family for Lyme and mold detox. Amelia did doxycycline with another doctor for six weeks. Her only antibiotic ever. It destroyed her gut. Her stomach was a balloon afterward. Dr. Dashore compounded a probiotic and a herbal nasal spray for the macrons that worked immediately. I highly recommend her. She rocks my mind with her answers!

Bridget , New Jersey

Lyme and Mold

I have been referring clients to Dr. Jodie Dashore for several years for a variety of health issues.

Now, both of my children are under her care for Lyme, co-infections, and mold.

Each program is highly individualized pulling from a variety of protocols and methodologies that suit the patient.

Dr. Dashore is constantly changing supplements, herbs, homeopathy, etc. to get to the next step of treatment.

I have seen clients make a remarkable recovery under her care and my children are both doing great!

Angela , Maryland

Lyme and Mold

I have been seeing Dr. Dashore for mold, viruses and possible Lyme and co-infections.

I have highly recommended her as well to my friends. She is the best of both worlds- pairing her scientific knowledge with holistic remedies.

You cannot ask for anything more!

She has brought me so far already in my healing. I am so grateful for her.

I would highly recommend to see her for yourself. People come from all over the country as well as from overseas to see her. She accommodates her patients based on their physical restraints by providing phone and Skype consultations as well.

Melissa , New York

Lyme and Mold

I have been taking my son to Dr. Dashore for about two years. He had undiagnosed Lyme, co-infections and we are now delving into the world of mold.

We’ve been seeking wellness for our son for a decade now and she’s hands down the smartest person we’ve worked with…coupled with the fact that she’s very holistic minded and has traveled the world educating herself.

It’s definitely a process, but our son has made tremendous gains that have been noted by everyone at school and beyond. She offers a unique approach and plan to each patient. If she feels you need more than holistic meds she will tell you. I’d recommend her highly.

If she feels you need more than holistic meds she will tell you. I’d recommend her highly.

I’d recommend her highly.

Tina , New Jersey

Crohn's Colitis Lifestyle

My experience with Dr. Jodie Dashore has been of the highest esteem. Her attention to detail, enormous heart and unparalleled experience is extremely rare and much needed in our ongoing battle for natural health. She has not only been a colleague but a dear friend whom I trust deeply. Anyone who is considering working with Dr. Dashore should feel confident in the stature of work they will receive along with growth in personal wellness in all forms of the word.

Dane Johnson

Lyme and Mold

I was just at Dr. Dashore’s office yesterday, and as always I leave there feeling confident that she will get me back to how I was 3 years ago.

I have been seeing Dr. Jodie Dashore for a year and a half now for Lyme and mold and it’s adjoining complications. I was having difficulties walking, joint pain, fatigue, brain fog – at times I would be driving somewhere and all of a sudden I would not know where I was or how to get to my destination.

Thankfully all those are now things of the past.

One more comment… I have met people at her office that drive 3, 5 and 7 hours driving to see her.

She is the Best of the Best.

Dana , Indiana

Autism and PANDAS

I’m happy to write this for Dr. Dashore. We have seen improvements within a short period of time with his Lyme induced Autism. We have been following Dr. Dashore's all natural biological protocol now for 5 months and the results have been very good. We're getting great feedback from his ABA teacher and he continues to improve steadily. His focus and seeking interaction has improved. He's also using more constructive words - not just repeating words or songs. Also more appropriate play with toys. It's an all-around improvement and his dad and I couldn't be happier. He's calmer and approaching family members - he's not just seeking for his dad or I. There's definitely more to improve, but the improvement is noticeable - a lot more from when we began. His eye contact is SO strong and he seeks for me to play with him - it truly makes me happy! At Back to School night Jack’s speech therapist mentioned to me they also see a positive difference. They're stepping up the demands on him because they see he's in a better place. Seeing him improve has lifted my spirit. I hope he continues on this positive path. Thank you, Dr. Dashore!

Helena , Equador


We brought my son to Dr. Dashore when he was 18 months old and diagnosed as autistic. He was not talking, not eating, not making eye contact and in his own world. When Dr. Dashore saw him the first time, she took 2 hours to evaluate and then told me, "No, he is not autistic, he has inflammation in the brain. He will improve." Afterward, we look at lots of labs. My son had so many infections with the virus, the bacteria, the fungus, and also biotoxins. Dr. Dashore was able to treat allopathic and naturally as per the need of my child. Now after 1.5 years, we are seeing amazing results. My son is now 3 and he understands TWO languages - Arabic and English. He is beginning to babble a lot and learning to talk. He is growing, eating, sleeping and we are getting wonderful reports from his school. Because of Dr. Dashore, I was able to put my son in a regular school! I recommend every parent see Dr. Dashore- she is absolutely amazing. Thank you, Dr. Dashore. My wife Ebzu and I are not nervous about my son no more. We know she is going to cure him.

Ozgur , Turkey

Autism and PANS

I have had the unique pleasure of working with Dr. Jodie Dashore professionally and personally over the last 8 years. The changes that have occurred in mutual clients and in my own children are truly remarkable. Dr. Jodie Dashore has a wide knowledge base that she is able to quickly pull from identifying underlying issues and immediately implementing a treatment plan. The treatment plans are all individual and constantly changing to tackle new symptoms systematically, to defeat problematic conditions. Through the years of my work next to Dr. Dashore, I have seen progress in ALL of our mutual clients and in my two children. The degrees of recovery are specific to the case and symptoms are too many to list. The most memorable treatments that stand out to me are the little boy who has lost his Autism Spectrum Disorder and PANS diagnosis and my children who are now happy and healthy after fighting PANS, Lyme Disease, and co-infections.

Beka , New Jersey

Lyme and Mold

For all those who are wondering if it’s possible to ever get back to “somewhat normal”. I consider my story a success and hope it’s ok to share it to hopefully inspire others to keep moving forward and never give up. The right doctor is KEY to healing and compliance with mold avoidance/diet/lifestyle is as well. Here goes…

It has been a long road of ill health leading up to this point. I had seen at least a dozen Doctors. Many were specialists- Cardiologist, endocrinologist, neurologist, LLD, Functional Medicine doc etc. The last one to turn their back on me and throw their hands up was my functional medicine doctor. At first, I was worried and uncertain that anyone would believe me about my symptoms or help me back to health. After all, I had told my FM doc about them for 6 months and from the tone of the letter she sent me, she had given it her last try.

She felt I had PTSD, needed to do mental mapping and gave up on me. What I was experiencing was not in my head, but very real actually. Fortunately for me, I found Dr Dashore at that point. She was able to uncover my mystery illness and save my life. She and her family have experienced Lyme and mold illness firsthand, so she “gets it”.

I have spent the last 9 months under her care being treated for a severe biotoxin illness caused by Lyme and mold along with Bartonella, Babesia, EBV, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, mycoplasma, CMV, detox issues, large amounts of yeast organisms (protozoa) in my intestines. I’m sure there are things I’m completely forgetting to write as well. When I first started seeing Dr. Jodie Dashore in June 2015, my TGFb-1 level was 17, 500, which is astronomical. My NK cells were at 498. I had many inflammatory markers off the charts due to CIRS.

She had me run the Shoemaker labs and they were very revealing. I had to leave my house since there was mold found there. Day to day living was a challenge since I got symptoms in the grocery store and many other places that I can’t avoid going to. It still happens occasionally, but not as often.

She took all of my issues into consideration and started the healing process very gently with low doses herbs and homeopathics. She also started me on a low dose of Welchol (25% Shoemaker protocol dose…. 1 tab 3 times a day) because I was so fragile. I took BE spray for Marcons. I didn’t use the “G” in BEG due to my insane tinnitus. Dr. Dashore treated inflammation, infections, detox issues (organ support, gut support, and binders).

Her gentle approach with herbs and homeopathics, along with shoemaker labs/protocol and my mold avoidance are what I feel helped me the most. She cannot be found on the list of certified Shoe doctors, but trust me, she is more than qualified. That said, in between treating people worldwide, she is working towards her certification while helping people like me to heal every day.

I am forever grateful for having her as my Doctor. Jan 14, 2016, I moved back home into a safe room my husband made in our house, but unfortunately, my fatigue/fog/eye floater symptoms are returning. I still don’t feel right at home, but don’t have much choice to be here right now. Due to several unavoidable reasons, I have had no choice but to be in moldy places the last month. I’m certain if I had continued mold avoidance, I would be 100% right now.

During my time at a “safe house” and while in the thick of Dr. Dashore’s protocol, my husband had been staying at home alone trying to remediate and make repairs. Our son and I had been bouncing from family to friends since mid-July. My husband was diagnosed with high-grade bladder cancer in May and has had 4 surgeries (2 with significant complications), spent a week in the hospital with sepsis and was out of work for 6 weeks.

Dr. Dashore is also treating my husband and son for biotoxin illness. I am feeling so much better thanks to the treatments of Dr. Dashore. Once I can again practice mold avoidance, I will be at the top of my game. My TGFb-1 is in normal range again as of December 2015 and my other levels are balancing out. I just tested TGFb-1 last week and will update with my results when I get them. I slowly am starting to go back to work part time and am functioning in society.

Nancy , Pennsylvania

I had been seen by at least a dozen specialists who were unable to help me. They literally gave up on me and told me my symptoms were "in my head." Dr Dashore was kind, gentle, full of wisdom and most of all, she believed me and was able to help me. She has an innate ability to heal on a deep level though a variety of modalities and connects with patients with her empathetic heart. I highly recommend her to my friends and family and trust her intuition, knowledge and skill. She is a true healer.

Nicole R.

Multi-systemic Illness

I found Jodie to be a true holistic healer. She comes to each patient with a deep knowledge of both conventional medicine as well as alternative and non-pharmaceutical remedies. Jodie has a foot firmly planted in each of these worlds, not just one of them like so many other practitioners. I went to Jodie for help with general autoimmune issues that had been going on for a long time. I found her to be very thoughtful and insightful in connecting individual symptoms to the larger whole of a medical condition. For anyone with a chronic illness or a multi-systemic illness, this ability is extraordinarily hard to find and it can be the key to getting better. Jodie is especially attentive to issues that arise from the gastrointestinal tract, brain, and autonomic nervous system. She was also quite helpful and knowledgeable about nutrition and dietary issues. She works hard and she doesn't give up.

Bill , Toronto


Dr. Dashore is seeing my daughter Riya through Skype for 1.5 years now. Riya was severely autistic but now is doing quite well and much improved. Dr. Dashore has a very advanced neurological approach with labs, all natural medicines from Europe and very high-quality supplements also. Riya has improved overall so much that we have applied for a US Visa and will be bale to travel with Riya to see Dr. Dashore in person. Her tantrums, her digestion, sleep, anger, focus, studying, reading, doing maths, appetite have all improved. It was slow at first because a lot of toxins were getting released but slowly she has changed in front of our eyes only. Dr. Dashore has made a miracle possible for us and I don’t know how to thank her for all her hard work and most importantly reminding us to never give up.

Anuj , Mumbai, India

Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease & Biotoxin Illness

My entire family is working with Dr. Dashore. We were exposed to mold, and my daughter was diagnosed with lyme by a mainstream Doctor, however, Dr. Dashore has discovered so many underlying health issues that link to our primary concerns. We have been seeing her for about 8 months now and our progress has been amazing. She honors and respects our choices for a natural protocol as she knows it very well. She can discuss mainstream meds and antibiotics as needed and respects them as we do. But she has the same view of the human body as we do.

It is a well oiled god given machine that has the power to heal when well taken care of. We all look forward to a clean bill of health once this protocol is over and look forward to working with Dr. Dashore as a preventative measure to keep underlying hidden issues always known and treated naturally.

Brigitte M.

I have been seeing Dr. Dashore for almost 3 years now. I went to Dr. Dashore because my conventional doctor could not figured out what was going on with me. It turned out I have lyme and con-fections. She is like no other doctor I have every seen, besides being a regular doctor she is also a very spiritual person, which to me is very important and it means a lot because I know that what she does is coming from her heart and is also what she loves to do is to help people. She takes her time to listen to you, talks and explains causes and effects of what is going on with you. She treats you with optimism, respect and takes an authentic concern on how you are feeling and what she can do to make you bounce back to health. She always makes you feel relieved and less concerned about your health. Her willingness to help you goes beyond the time that she spends with you in her office. She investigates, research and reassures you that "we can fix this". No matter how sick I am when I enter her office I always leave there feeling that I will be taken cared of, that I am not alone and that I will be helped. She is an exceptionally bright, humble and gentle doctor that gets a full picture of your symptoms and will treat you not only medically but with her heart. I'm pretty sure she includes her patients in her prayers at night - And I know I'm one of the lucky ones in those prayers and one of the lucky ones that have found such an amazing doctor and friend.

Dar F.

Two years into antibiotic treatment for Lyme disease and related co-infections, i began to reach a dead end. I had been dabbling in herbal medicine and began to understand the need for an integrated treatment plan. I ended up in Dr Dashore's capable hands. Within two months i began to wean off antibiotics and her prescribed protocol began to produce notable results. In the months that followed i have seen solid and consistent improvement. Each time i began to encounter hurdles in my recovery, Dr Dashore has not only introduced sound and effective treatment solutions, she has patiently helped me to understand the basis for her methodology. Her knowledge and implementation is vast, and her ability to access a comprehensive profile for each patient is beyond remarkable.

Linda W.

No words can express the gratitude I have for this amazing doctor! Jodie has given us our son back after years of being lost in Lyme. Jodie has a great balance between intuitive knowing and educated mastery. Thank you Jodie! As a doctor, I am keenly aware of the responsibility and amount of knowledge it takes to be as amazing at what you do as you are. We are so glad we found you.

Jodi D.

For years, I could never figure out why my hair would not grow past a certain length. By my mid 20’s I noticed my hair falling out in clumps. I had been to several doctors- including dermatologists- who told me it was all normal, but I knew it wasn’t. I started to see Dr. Dashore in Sept 2017 who told me we will get your hair to grow back. It is now March of 2018- and my hair has stopped falling out at the drastic rate that it was. Dr. Dashore’s compassion and knowledge for each individual patient is truly a God given talent. In the worst of my days, she gave me the hope that I would be a normal girl living life in my 20’s- and she was right. Not only is she helping to correct co-infections/mold illness going on inside of my body- she know’s exactly what is needed for each patient she treats. She is truly inspiring having gone through much of what her patients have. She is an amazing doctor who has helped me feel much better. It is a long road, slow and steady, that will take a long time to heal all that I have going on- but within a 6 month timeframe she has helped me progress drastically!

Brittney H.

Such an extraordinary doctor. Dr. Dashore has been an extraordinary doctor for me.

When I started seeing her I was pretty sick but did not realize just how much. I thought I was just getting older. She listens, and her relaxed and easy manner helped me to believe her that I could actually recover the health I'd had a few years earlier, before I'd caught Lyme disease. I am amazed at the variety of tools she's used to help my recovery, and she takes the time to explain in clear language the things I want to understand.

I am already feeling much better, and Her approach has worked slowly and steadily, just as she said it would.

A visit to her office is usually the highlight of my day.

David H.

We are based in the UK and we have worked with a number of great practitioners, each of whom have helped to make a difference to our son and the challenges that Autism / Lyme disease present him with. However, they have all tended to be specialists in a particular area and so they’ve quickly exhausted their options. The solution for our son is a complex one that needs to be pieced together in the right order. Dr Dashore is the first practitioner who we truly believe when she says our son is coming back to us. She has taken the time to really get a good picture/understanding of him. She asks plenty of probing questions and then she devises a protocol that gently starts to work on extracting all the bad stuff. She manages expectations also, letting you know that it will take time and also giving you strategies to implement when the inevitable set-backs kick in. She is enthusiastic and encouraging in her approach.


I am so grateful for Dr. Dashore & BioNexus Health. She has identified underlying issues that are contributing to the long term chronic illness I am currently experiencing. In 2017, I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Dashore at a multi-day retreat she facilitated in North Carolina. Since then I have attended two more retreats she facilitated at the same location, for a total of three. She is an incredible Doctor, yet more importantly, an amazing person & woman. I can't thank her enough for her kindness, compassion, medical knowledge & then some!

Cindy H.

Dr. Dashore has helped my autistic 20 year old son immensely with Lyme and the many other autoimmune issues he has. His behavior is much improved and sense of well being is apparent. I cannot say enough praise of Dr. Dashore and her methods. I have recommended other families to her!

Roberta L.

We started with Dr. Dashore a few months ago, dealing with multiple chronic diseases including lyme, autism, and mold illness. Not only is Dr. Dashore the most knowledgeable doctor I've ever met (we've been to many), she is compassionate and easy to collaborate with. She fully answers all your questions and takes care to understand your individual needs. I know that we will continue to make great progress under her care. I cannot recommend her enough.

Seeking M.

Dr Dashore inspires me and gives me hope. She is very attentive and has a great bedside manner! I am very lucky to have someone so knowledgeable about lyme disease so close to my home!

L. D.

Am Ram from India. Dr.Jodie Dashore is a fantastic in diagnosing the problem of my kid at first shot by seeing him for 5-10 minutes through skype and given me some labs to be done. The results came as Lyme positive, which no doctors in India had found out, in fact they are not aware about Lyme induced autism. She explains the parents, what is happening in the system and how we can bring the kid back, which will bring smile on every parents for sure.There after, she prescribed medicines and my kid is rightly into it. I can see the positive differences after the medicines. She spends time and understands the problem and more importantly the solutions are working, that's what every parents having special kids wants. I will prefer her to all of my friends. Jodie is the light house for all the special childrens and am sure that, she will shine as a star.

Ram P.

I have been seeing Dr Dashore for only a few months based on headaches and joint pains that I had for years. Within only a short period of time, I have found significant improvement and relief from pain and overall increased wellbeing. I appreciate her natural and holistic approach to treatment.

Karen S.

Dr. Dashore healed my two teens struggling with undiagnosed TBD and other health issues. She got to the cause of the problems undermining their health, going way beyond usual health care practitioners approach of treating symptoms. My children were extremely ill and now they both have resumed their normal daily activities and their lives. I will always be very grateful for her keen insight and ability to unravel my children's complicated health issues and restore their health. She gave them back their health and their lives.

Karen M.

A lot of gratitude for Dr Dashore and all the help she's provided me with so far!

Rohan T.

Doctor Dashore goes above and beyond your average practitioner. Most doctors would gladly write you a script and have you on your way in merely 20 minutes, while Dr. Dashore will examine you thoroughly and listen at length to your medical grievances. Consequently, she is then able to make you a customized protocol which will aid in your physical, mental, and spiritual healing.

Patricia C.

I have been a patient of Dr. Dashore for 3 years. My story, not unlike others starts with a tick bite in 2007. Barely able to function, I traveled across the country meeting with countless practitioners but could never reach the level of wellness I dreamed of. I was so ill for so long, I forgot what it felt like to be well. I feel blessed to have found Dr. Dashore. She uses a systematic, individualized approach that WORKS!! Together we worked on the Lyme Disease, co-infections, supporting my organs, addressing adrenal, thyroid, hormone and spiritual issues. Currently I am finishing up the MOLD protocol. I still meet with Dr. Dashore every 5-8 weeks but I am happy to report I feel GREAT! She has literally saved my life. I will be forever grateful!

Elizabeth P.

I have been working with Dr. Dashore for almost a year and a half now.

Having the privilege to be around someone so passionate, professional, smart, and hard-working is inspiring. She is usually running around, but continuously gives everything on her schedule (being a doctor, being a mom, being a friend, being herself,...) her 100% and it shows. Jodie squeezes her schedule tight for her patients, family, friends, etc.

Her positive energy, bright smile, and sweet humor is contagious and has picked me up on days where I have felt low. It is honestly quite difficult to feel ungrateful and feel the tremors of life when you're around Jodie.

I am very grateful to have been able to meet and work with Dr. Jodie Dashore.

Sonal M.

I am so grateful to have discovered Dr. Dashore. My daughter was diagnosed with PANS a few years ago and most recently mold. Doctor after doctor told me mold was no big deal and that it was not contributing to her symptoms. Dr. Dashore was the only doctor who understood the health effects of mold and how, in our case, it related to PANS. Dr.Dashore is brilliant. And she is caring. She sees the whole picture and treats accordingly using a more holistic approach. Healing my daughter is no easy task, but we are making great strides and I am so thankful.

Julie R.

I'm Daniel's mom and have seen a positive change in his health the last several months with Dr. Dashore's protocol.

After testing positive for several infections, and following Dr. Dashore's protocol, now at age 11, Daniel finally has the sustained energy a child should have. Since he was a toddler, he'd have to regroup throughout the day, resting on the sofa for long periods, dragging himself up to do even simple tasks, often avoiding playing with his neighborhood friends, only ever able to enjoy one out-of-the-house activity a day, etc.

Thanks to Dr. Dashore's insight, for the first time ever, Daniel can pop up and help me anytime I ask, he always plays with the other kids outside, and is ready to take on the challenge of the next opportunity of the day.

All of this without any allopathic medication - only selective support for his various health issues from Dr. Dashore. No more lethargy after an activity, and never bouncing off the walls...just a nicely sustained enjoyment of each and every day.

Daniel S.

Dr. Debra

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