Environmental Illness-related Disease Suffers Get EMF Smart

Research shows that man-made electromagnetic frequencies have serious adverse effects on the immune systems of people afflicted with chronic Lyme Disease. EMFs have also been shown to interfere with the integrity of the blood-brain barrier in children.

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is a form of energy that includes radio waves, microwaves, and X-rays. EMR drives the growth of microbes and molds who in turn put out far more virulent toxins/mycotoxins. Toxic body compartments cannot be patrolled by immune cells and become breeding ground for microbes.

Environmental Illness EMF Smart

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are emitted from computers, Wi-Fi, and cell phones and towers. EMF exposure of neurons/microglia-increases the release of inflammatory cytokines and impairs their phagocytosis ability.

Infants do not have a blood-brain barrier until 18 months of age and are very vulnerable to EMR. Even teens are far more sensitive than adults. The increased toxins sustain a vicious cycle for a plateaued and ill patient.

Get EMF Smart – 7 EMF Rules to Live By

  1. Let your body rest and repair without any toxic electromagnetic disturbances
  2. Limit screen time
  3. Look at the SAAR ratings of your smartphone
  4. Make sure your home is solidly grounded
  5. Opt-out of smart meter technology
  6. Plug out the cordless phones at night
  7. Turn off cell phones at night and put them in airplane mode to stop receiving information
  8. Use USB keyboards instead of laptop keyboards