23 Ways to Detox for Environmental Illness-related Illness Suffers

Suffering from an environmental illness usually means that a person is more sensitive to their surroundings than others. Below are 23 ways to improve their quality of life within the confines of modern society.

Detox for Environmental Illness
Don’t give up just because things are hard

Detox for Environmental Illness

  1. Wear natural fibers
  2. Become EMF aware and reduce EMFs exposure
  3. Check for water damage and hidden moisture
  4. Vacuum carpets daily or remove them
  5. Cook in stainless steel or ceramic coated cast-iron pans; toss all plastic containers and Teflon pans
  6. Declutter the home and office
  7. Use VOC-free paints (volatile organic compounds-free)
  8. Expose porous materials to sunlight for an hour to reduce dust mites by 80%
  9. Filter all your water, including the bath
  10. Replace synthetic fragrances and buy fragrance-free goods
  11. Good quality air filter (Autism Air, I Q Air) and use with fan circulation
  12. Non-toxic, organic cleaning products (white vinegar is best for molds)
  13. Clean and remove all hidden mold (throwaway stuffed toys and any porous materials that can’t be washed)
  14. Keep humidity under 50% (dust mites and mold grow in higher humidity)
  15. Natural wood options and natural PBDEs (fire retardants)
  16. Never wear outdoor shoes inside
  17. Use No Ozone air purifiers
  18. Frequently open your windows
  19. Use silver-coated netting over the bed
  20. Use battery-operated clocks
  21. Remove electrical smart meters
  22. Unplug cordless phones (over 900 Mhz) and routers at night
  23. Use natural pesticides and herbicides